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Pediatics (Child Health & Diseases)

Pediatics (Child Health & Diseases)

Health means complete physical, mental and social well-being for all. Our children are our future and if they are healthy; ourselves, our families and the country will be healthy. One of the most important health indicators for a country's development is the low infant mortality rate and infant mortality rate. Therefore, it has great importance to promote and support health services especially for infants and children.

The aim of monitoring child health is to prevent of illness and disability, to provide early diagnosis and treatment of diseases and to support the families in the up rising of children. 

Monitoring growth and development of a child, providing age-appropriate nutrition, vaccination and health education are crucial for the prevention of pediatric diseases. 

In early diagnosis and treatment of diseases, pedigree and family history analysis, detailed physical examination of the child and health-related screenings are important.

For a healthy development of a child, support is provided to families in health education, upbringing of children, family planning and counseling is important in the continuity of health care.


· Genetic characteristics of prenatal mother and father

· Environmental factors, habits that the mother is exposed to at birth

· Conditions encountered during childbirth,

· Postnatal vaccinations,

· Postnatal hereditary disease screening,

· Postnatal nutrition,

· Physical motor and mental development problems,

· Environmental factors and problems

· Education and problems in preschool nurseries

· School education and problems in school


· Periodic Fever Syndromes

· Cystic fibrosis

· Heart diseases

· Mental Disability (mental retardation)

· Neurological Disorders

· Muscle Disorders

· Metabolic Disorders

· Storage Disorder (Gaucher Disease)

For the healthy and beautiful generations we have to care about the health of our children. 

In our center, detailed clinical examination is done for children in all stages by our expert doctors. 

For further information and appointment please contact us. 

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