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Tuesday 9:00 - 18:00
Clinical Examination

Clinical Examination

As in the diagnosis of all diseases, clinical examination is the most important part in the diagnosis of genetic diseases.

There is a 5 Step Rule in clinical examination. (Recommended by Prof. Dr. Duran Canatan)

1. Listening (Anamnesis): Listening the individual and obtaining information about the individual's disease and problems, the disease history, and family history (Pedigree). 

2. Touch: To examine the patient with detailed examination methods like looking at the body, feeling the body with fingers or hands, listening the sounds of the body, etc. (inspection, palpation, percussion and auscultation).

3. Requesting the Right Tests: Avoiding unnecessary testing and requesting for targeted testing.

4. Right Diagnosis: Making the right diagnosis with the combination of listening, touching and right tests.

5. Right Treatment: Choosing the right treatment for the patient requires that the right diagnosis is made first. Treatment options are evaluated and the most appropriated treatment is found for the patient. 

In our center, patients of all ages are examined clinically by our expert doctors as well as  detailed genetic counseling services are given. 

For more detailed information and for your requests please contact us. 

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