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  • What is genetic testing and how does it work?

    Genetic testing is a type of medical test that analyzes a person's DNA to look for changes or mutations that may cause or increase the risk of a genetic disorder. The process of genetic testing involves taking a sample of DNA, which can be obtained from blood, saliva, or other tissues. The DNA is then analyzed using various methods to look for changes in specific genes or chromosomes.

  • What is genetic disease and what are some common genetic disorders?

    Genetic diseases are medical conditions that occur as a result of changes or mutations in an individual's DNA. These mutations can cause changes in the normal functioning of certain genes, which can lead to various health problems. Genetic disorders can be inherited from one or both parents or can arise spontaneously due to a new mutation in the individual's DNA.

    Genetic diseases are defined as chromosomal diseases, single gene diseases and multifactorial genetic diseases. For example, we can mention chromosomal diseases such as Down Syndrome, single gene diseases such as Thalassemia, Cystic fibrosis and multifactorial genetic diseases such as cancer.

  • What is genetic counseling and how can it help me and my family?

    Genetic counseling is a type of counseling that helps individuals and families understand the risks and benefits of genetic testing and make informed decisions about their healthcare. A genetic counselor is a trained healthcare professional who can provide information and support to individuals and families who are considering genetic testing. Genetic counseling can help individuals and families understand the risk of inherited diseases, explore available testing options, and make informed decisions about their healthcare.

  • How long does it take to get genetic test results?

    The time it takes to receive genetic test results can vary depending on the type of test being performed and the laboratory conducting the test. In some cases, results may be available within a few days, while in other cases it may take several weeks or months to receive the results.

  • What is the cost of genetic testing and counseling, and is it covered by insurance?

    The cost of genetic testing and counseling can vary depending on the specific tests and services being provided, as well as the location and healthcare provider. In many cases, genetic testing and counseling may be covered by health insurance, but it is important to check with your insurance provider to determine coverage and any potential out-of-pocket costs.

  • What are the benefits and risks of genetic testing?

    The benefits of genetic testing include early detection and diagnosis of genetic disorders, which can help individuals and families make informed decisions about their healthcare and potentially reduce the risk of complications or other health problems.

  • Who should consider genetic testing?

    Genetic testing may be recommended for individuals who have a personal or family history of a genetic disorder, or who have symptoms or risk factors that suggest a genetic disorder may be present. Genetic testing may also be recommended for individuals who are planning to have children or who are pregnant. It is highly important for individuals who have consanguineous marriage relatives to have genetic screening tests before having a child.

  • What should I expect during a genetic counseling appointment?

    During a genetic counseling appointment, a genetic counselor will review your medical history, family history, and any relevant test results to provide information and support related to genetic testing and inherited conditions. The counselor may also discuss the risks and benefits of genetic testing, explore available testing options, and provide guidance and support for making informed decisions about your healthcare.

  • What are the different types of genetic tests and which one is right for me?

    There are several different types of genetic tests, including diagnostic testing, carrier testing, predictive testing, and prenatal testing. The type of test that is right for you will depend on your specific situation and healthcare needs, and will be discussed with you during a genetic counseling appointment.

  • Which organizations do genetic tests? Where should I go for genetic testing?

    All genetic tests should be performed in genetic test centers licensed by the Ministry of Health, accompanied by genetic counseling. Apart from the tests performed in genetic centers licensed by the Ministry of Health, the tests sent to abroad genetic centers are also transmitted by legally licensed genetic centers. For genetic testing, its highly important to get services from licensed genetic centers and get genetic couenseling.

  • How can I access your genetic center's services and schedule an appointment?

    To get service from our genetic center and schedule an appointment, you can call our center directly, contact via whatsapp or request an appointment using the online form on our website. Our team will contact you directly and arrange a suitable time and date for your appointment.

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