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Importance of Preconception Genetic Screening Tests

Importance of Preconception Genetic Screening Tests

However, if you want to get information about the importance of preconception screening tests, in addition to the information provided above, the following points are also important:

  • Early Diagnosis of High-Risk Pregnancies: Some preconception tests can help identify potential risk factors that may arise during pregnancy. This allows doctors to monitor the pregnancy more carefully and, if necessary, take special measures to reduce complications.
  • Identification of Medications and Other Risk Factors: Screening tests provide information to couples about which medications can be used and which risk factors should be avoided. This is important for planning a healthy pregnancy.
  • Assessment of Family History and Genetic Risk: Family history can increase the risk of genetic diseases. Screening tests evaluate family history, providing couples with information about genetic risks.
  • Education and Awareness: Screening tests provide education to parents about genetic issues and contribute to awareness. This helps families make informed decisions with accurate and reliable information.

Preconception screening tests are an important tool to increase the chances of having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. However, as each individual's situation is different, decisions about the application of these tests should be made after a comprehensive evaluation with a healthcare professional.

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